(ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Timothy stared out of the window at the school janitor. He watched him ride back and forth on the rider mower leaving neat patterns in the lawn. Far in the distance he heard the call of a wild bird. No wait, it was his name. Suddenly Timothy realized that it wasn't a bird it was Mrs. Brown his teacher and she was screaming his name. As he turned toward her desk he knew by the angry expression on her face that he had stopped paying attention again. This would mean a call to his parents. This just proved what Mrs. Brown always said: "lazy, scatterbrained Timothy had struck again.

What exactly is wrong with Timothy? He's a nice enough boy. At times he's right on the ball, yet there are times when he is overactive, impulsive, and has trouble paying attention for more that a few minutes (Understanding the...). Timothy has Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD.

ADHD is not a learning disability but a behavioral problem. ADHD affects 3% to 5% of all school-aged children and is most common in boys (Understanding the...). Children with ADHD often know their behavior is disruptive, but they can't seem to do anything about it.

This disorder is very hard to diagnose since it shares many of the same symptoms as other disorders. Symptoms of ADHD usually start before a child reaches seven years old and it is important to rule out other medical or emotional problems (Goldstein 17).

As a parent some of the symptoms to look for in children 3 to 5 are the following

·The child is constantly in motion

·Finds it hard to sit still at meals

·Plays briefly with toys and flits from one activity to another

·Has difficulty responding to simple instructions.

·Talks non stop and often interrupts...