ADHD Medications

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Rachelle Routson

Mrs. Walters

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25 February 2014

ADHD Medication

With the tremendous increase in ADHD diagnosis, altercations have been emerging about whether or not ADHD medications are being overprescribed. Many people feel as though ADHD medications are needed for the condition, but are doctors just "handing" them out? Medications may be necessary depending on how severe the case is, but some people take advantage of it. As a community, we need to limit the amount of ADHD medications being prescribed by doctors.

ADHD medications have been praised drastically for the enhancement of mental performance that is shown. People who have a more severe case of ADHD are generally more motivated to do things once they are put on the medication. "Some two-thirds of all children currently diagnosed with the condition receive prescriptions for stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall, which have been linked to addiction and psychosis" (Swaine).

The effects of ADHD medication vary depending on how large or small the dosage is. "There's a very small difference between the right dose and too little or too much medication, so resist the temptation to experiment on your own" (Adult ADD/ADHD). The medication will keep one focused on a task without getting distracted as easily. With ADHD medication, tasks can be completed a lot faster than usual because of the extra focus the medication pushes on someone. "Research by the Centers for Disease Control also found that more than one in ten school-age children in the US has now received an ADHD diagnosis, amid a sharp rise in reported instances of the condition"(Swaine). Although ADHD medications have positive effects, it also has negative effects. These medications can cause slowing of growth, not only physically but mentally too. The mind may not develop as well as it usually...