Adjusting to Terrorism

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A change to many different criminal justice agencies has occurred since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, by "beefing-up" certain securities and measures to take when an attack may occur in the future. I think that the one agency that stands out in everyone's mind is the United States airports and the application of tighter security measures. The addition of a tougher screening process along with a heightened security presence, the airports now seem to be a lot safer, but are they? The research is still progressing to one day hopefully eliminate further terrorist plots from happening from our airports.

I think that we should probably take a long look at the United States border patrol agencies and see exactly what they are doing to enhance our countries securities. We really only seem to hear how we as a nation are taking measures at airports to stop the threat of terrorism, our borders are just as important to control influxes of people.

I think that one administrative change I would make with borders and securities is more extensive background and screening on everyone coming and going through the borders. The many times I have been to Canada I do not recall a single time a bag of mine was opened and checked. The passport we all must show at the border is fine but also a more thorough job checking backgrounds and any bags brought to and from. A more detailed inspection of a vehicle, bumper to bumper, might also reduce the amount of certain persons attempting to come into the US.

Terrorists will always look for the opportunity to "sneak" into the country; even under close supervision we cannot always stop this from happening. I think I would have to agree with Rep. Virgil Goode (I-VA) when he states; "Wherever...