Administrative Services, Inc.

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Administrative Services, Inc.'s main objective is to provide assistance in the managing of the administrative and operational functions for small business. Before starting the business, a mission statement must be developed as well as goals defined and resources allocated.

Administrative Services, Inc.

Administrative Services, Inc. (ASI) is a company that will provide small businesses administrative services. These services will include employee selection management, benefits management, performance and training, government compliance, and employee liability management. Prior to opening the doors for business, the members need to generate a mission statement, define goals, implement a strategy to achieve the goals, and allocate resources.

The first item to generate is the mission statement. The mission statement that the members of Administrative Services, Inc. chose is:

"Administrative Services, Inc. (ASI) commits to performing in a professional and profitable manner, which will significantly enhance our potential for structured growth, able to meet our profit goals and the personal goals of our team members.

We will accomplish this through a great sense of pride and accomplishment in a job well done. This will result in ASI becoming the provider of choice for human resources related services in the Central Florida professional community and the business model other administrative services companies try to emulate" (Kornegay, 2004).

From this mission statement, the strategic, the operational, and the tactical goals for the company will be generated.

Strategic Goals

After collaborating together, three main strategic goals have been generated that will be accomplished within three to five years. The first strategic goal is to build annual revenue to $1 million or better. Our services may then branch out to better serve a larger demographic area and still keep the same local friend feel.

The second strategic goal is to buy office space so the other tenants can help to...