Admission to a New World: A personal essay about the trials and tribulations of going away to college.

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The beach was much different this year. I had a long year at a community college that I desperately wanted to transfer out of. It seemed that I was waiting for a decision of acceptance in the mail from Bloomsburg University, for just as long. At the time, I was attending Bucks County Community College mainly to raise my GPA. However, I found myself being more infatuated with leaving the school, than anything else. I did not like the environment or the people who were there. The whole atmosphere felt like the thirteenth grade of high school. I did not feel like I could relate much to the students there. It seemed like they were on a different academic path than me. I also found myself reluctant to socialize since I knew I would be at a different school the next year. In retrospect I believe I could have experienced more if I had socialized and made more friends.

My freshman year was full of meeting friends, socializing, and going out. I partied a few nights a week with my friends, and still felt like something was missing. My freshman year took place at the University of Rhode Island. This school was very nice in many aspects, yet it just did not seem to fit my personality, style, or preference. I decided to attend a community college in hope of transferring to a college that satisfied my needs.

My best friend, whom I have known since the third grade, was going to Bloomsburg University at the time. We managed to stay in contact while we have been away at school. I had the chance to visit the school many times and really seemed to like it. BU immediately became my school of choice and my scholastic motivation. I applied...