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I believe I should be admitted to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth because I will be an excellent example and model for future students. I can inform high school students on the criteria of the university as well as the changes they will have to make while attending college.

The reasons I should be accepted are as follows:

I am a well trained student. Ever since elementary school, my teachers have given me nothing but high praise for what I accomplished. I respect others greatly and value their work but I give criticism when it is needed in hopes of increasing the potential of the work. I strive myself to achieve greatness and would settle for nothing less.

While attending University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, I plan on majoring in psychology. The mind and how it works in various ways has always intrigued and interested me. I will also maintain my grades and GPA while staying at my job and working part time.

With the reasons previously stated, I therefore believe I should be admitted to the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. I will help make the university a better place, and teach high school students the values needed to become a better person and a great student