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Adolescence is the most unhappiest time in most people's lives.

All the people agree that adolescence is one of the most important time of our life , not all this people are agree on the reason why it is so important , some one says that is the most unhappiest time of our life other people think it is the happiest.

Some people think that adolescence is not an happy part of our life because there are a lot of problem with school because when adolescence start also start high school that are more difficult and the student could found a lot of problem.

An other reason why it could be a difficult period of out life is that a lot of adolescent have problem with them family.

Other people believe that adolescence is the happiest part of our life because we start to go to party we got out more often and we have more freedom from our parents and we start to have our independence and we also make a lot of new friend.

In my opinion adolescence is the happiest period of our life because we have independence with out a lot of responsibility , that make that period light and full of happy moment.