Adolescence Behavior

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Psychosocial Variables

The subject is a 15 years old girl who, like many adolescents, is confused by various changes in her life. She has many friends but seems to be rebelling against her parents. But like a good Christian child, she goes to church every Sunday. Her love for Jesus is great, then again she feels confused if she is a good Christen or not because she is attracted towards the opposite sex.

She doesn't like her culture and she deviates from it quite often. Her dressing is getting worse day by day and so is her believes in religion. She has many complexes, as she seems to be searching for her personal identity. Her name is Stella. As days pass, she is becoming a part of the adolescent subculture. There seems to be an ever ending cultural lag between Stella and her parents, she feels like her parents don't understand her.

She feels that she is justified in going against them, as they are always telling her what to do. These feelings have further intensified her complexes. The many changes in her life have forced her to turn towards friends, and not family. She watches television for hours.

Even though her faith in her religion seems to be weakening, she still remembers to go to the church, every Sunday. She still says that it gives her mental peace in doing so. At church, she usually confesses that she does not like her culture, and that she disobeys her parents, because they don't understands her.

But nowadays, she seems to prefer sleeping in on Sundays, rather then going to church. She feels that church is only for oldies, and that she wants to live her life, like all the other young and beautiful girls she feels...