Adolescent/Childhood Obesity: Parents Ought To Be Blamed!

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Parents to Blame?A young girl, Rebecca, at the age of six going on seven years old, begins her first week of elementary school. She has butterflies fluttering in her stomach due to so much excitement. She kisses her mom's cheek as she runs and waves goodbye and sets foot onto the school bus. Everything appears just as perfect as she had imagined until the cruelty of the others set in. Yes, the cruelty. See Rebecca is only six but she is an overweight child and on the way to being obese if there is no change in her lifestyle. The teasing and taunting of the others is horrifying and soon Rebecca hates school before it had even really begun. The taunting and teasing continues through her life because of her weight and by the age of 12 her life becomes even more difficult with the terrible diagnosis of diabetes. The doctors believe her excessive weight contributed to the diabetes.

Rebecca manages through school and by no surprise goes from being a drastically overweight child/teen to being an obese adult. This is sad to think but the parenting she failed to receive in the early years of her life could have prevented her humiliation through school and most likely her diabetes. Parents ought to be blamed for adolescent obesity.

Obesity. Not just some ordinary obesity but adolescent/childhood obesity to be exact is becoming a more prominent problem in today's society. According to research found on the WedMD website reviewed by the Department of Nutrition Therapy, one out of every five children in the United States is overweight, and this number is continuing to grow. A greater proportion of U.S. children and adolescents are overweight now than ever before (Variyam 18). Childhood obesity is increasing so dramatically that it is reaching epidemic...