Adolescent Offenders

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Adolescent Offenders12-year-old Alex King and his brother, 13-year-old Derek, had a very normal childhood. Their father, Terry was a strict parent with a strict up-bringing. The boys were not abused in any manner, and their father always provided for them; food on the table and nice clothes on their back. On November 26, 2001, for some unexplainable reason, both boys took part of murdering their father with a baseball bat while he slept, and fire consumed his body. While the fire was being extinguished, Alex and Derek went to Ricky Chavis’s home, whom was a convicted child molester. It seemed that Alex had a sexual relationship with Mr.Chavis and it has been going on for sometime. Alex was very close to his brother Derek, so I believe that this is why he took part in his father’s murder. He thought he was helping his brother.

Psychopath DisorderThe social norms and social influences changed Alex and Derek forever.

Mr. Chavis repeatedly had a sexual relationship with the youngest, Alex. I believe that Alex was brainwashed into thinking that his father would only be in the way of his deranged relationship with Mr. Chavis. In addition, psychopath behavior resulted in the King boys. They were both deceitful and charming, lacked capacity for empathy, and their emotions were unstable because of their age. Not to mention, that these boys were involved in a heinous criminal act that was done by impulse and irresponsible actions.

According to Developmental Theories (2006), psychopath disorder may be observed in a boy or girl at age 5, with early actions predicting a future outcome. Most behavioral problems in adolescents show less intensity in one’s childhood. However, he, or she may show persistent behavioral problems; including physical aggressiveness, antisocial, and have unhealthy relationships with one’s peers. These patterns...