Adolf Hitler

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adolf hitler formulated many of his leadership characteristics in his stay in Vienna. Vienna was the city were adolf hitler aquired his hatred for the jews , became a hateful man and learnt how to manipulate others.

Adolf really wanted to study art at one of the finest universities in Vienna. However when he wrote his entrance exam he was rejected. In total he was rejected two times. It has been said that the professor who critized his work was of Jewish descent. Thus people have formulated that he began to hate the Jewish culture because he was rejected numerous times by one and he was never able to pursue his dream to be an artist.

Adolf spent most of his days in ienna has a poor man. He barely had enough money to live off of. He could no longer afford to go to the opera or plays.

He became for angry inside because he could not afford the luxuries in life. People believe that he built up this hatred and made him a hatefull soul.

As well Adlf Hitler spent most off his time reading about the government and politics. It has been said that he aquired his intrest in politics in vienna. Hitler learnt that in order to be respected by the people, the people must fear you. He felt that by installing fear into the peoples heart, they would have no choice but to follow your command. This strategy helped hitler in his career. He was ver smart politically and this can be contributed to his stay in Vienna.