Adolf Hitler and his Dictatorship

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In order to truly understand Hitler's nature and personality one has to also focus on the time before his dictatorship, his family life and youthhood.

He was born into a fairly wealthy Austrian family on April 20 1889. His father, Alois, was a customs officer earning 100 pounds per year. His mother, Klara, had five children in total but only Adolf and his sister Paula survived.

When Hitler was about six, Alois bought a house and some land to start a quiet life. Here Hitler started primary school achieving high marks. He never got a chance to fully settle down, because his father decided to sell the land and move yet again. September 1900 Hitler started secondary technical school in Linz. This time his grades were not as good as previously; he only did well in Gym, Art, History and Geography. These bad school reports made a good relationship with his father impossible since Alois wanted him to become a customs officer like himself.

Like most boys, Hitler did not want to follow his fathers' footsteps, and this made their relationship even worse.

In 1903 Alois died, leaving the fourteen year old Hitler as the oldest male in the household. Two years later (1905) he left school with a barely satisfactory report, with his mothers' approval of applying to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1908 his mother died of breast cancer after having operations and several treatments. Hitler had much respect for the kind doctor who helped his mother although he was a Jew. His mothers' death left a deep impact on him; she was one a the few family members he was close to. He had to move on though, and with the money she left him behind he rented a cheap room in Vienna and...