Adolf Hitler, The Leader

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What were the motivating factors in Hitler's early life to prompt him to become a leader?

Adolph Hitler, the 20th centuries most influential leader? Since the end of the Second World War, Hitler and his Nazi party's' ideas and politics have been widely deplored by the majority of the world as barbaric fascism, which must never be allowed to happen again. However, it can be argued that Hitler accomplished some remarkable achievements, purely due to his strength of leadership and character. During Hitler's rise to power to become master of the majority of Europe in 1941, from his humble beginnings as an artist, is worthy of study and discussion, and this essay will look at what factors and influences in his early years, motivated Hitler to become 'Fuhrer' of the Third Reich.

Hitler was born in 1889 and was brought up by his mother and father in Austria. Knowledge of these early years when he was a boy is limited, so it is hard to investigate very deeply, however it is known that his father was domineering and insensitive, whom Hitler disliked intensely, but also held in awe.

Hitler's mother was naturally overprotective of her only surviving child of four. Hitler loved his mother and was deeply attached to her until she died when he was 17. After this Hitler was left to be brought up by his father. This relationship may have been the initial psychological influence to the start of a troubled life for Hitler, as he later tried to fulfil the role of pleasing his mother and venting his aggression and revenge on his father and other opponents.

As far as schooling went, Hitler's results are in no way impressive. At the age of 18 Hitler did not achieve the results required to further his schooling...