Adolph EiIchmann, a Jewish boy who lived through the holocaust.

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Adolph Eichmann was born in Cologne, Germany on March 19, 1906, and was raised in a middle-class protestant household.. After his mother's death he and his family moved to Linz Austria. As a boy living in the same town as Adolf Hitler, Eichmann was ridiculed about his looks and dark complexion. Some of his schoolmates even called him names like "little Jew." That marked only the beginning of his feelings towards the jews that would eventually be responsible for shaping the world he would live in. As he got older he aspired to be an engineer. He applied to college to work on an engineering degree. However, he failed to complete his engineering studies. Following that Eichmann held various jobs including working in his father's mining company. At the age of 26 in1932 he found his destiny, to be a part of the new Austrian political party, the Nazis.

Eichmann joined the growing Austrian Nazi Party. He then became a member of the SS and in 1934 served as an SS corporal at Dachau concentration camp. He soon became bored by the utter simplicity of his job and applied to become a member the revered SD, the powerful SS security department. Eichmann started out as a filing clerk cataloging information pertaining to Freemasons. Following that, he then switched to the Jewish section, which was busy collecting information on all prominent Jews. He studied all aspects of Jewish culture, often visiting Jewish sections of cities while taking volumes of notes, and even attended Jewish meetings. He fully educated himself on the subject of Zionism, studied Hebrew and Yiddish. He gradually became the acknowledged 'Jewish specialist,' realizing this could have positive implications for his career in the SS. Eventually Eichmann become the head of SD.

Adolph Eichmann became played a...