Adolphus Hitler Biography for a book report about "The Life And Death Of Adolf Hitler" By James Cross Giblin

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Book Report

"The Life And Death Of Adolf Hitler"

By James Cross Giblin

Book Report By

Armen Melidonian

As a child, Adophus Hitler was remembered, by his teachers, as "a thin, pale youth". At the age of a child, such an appearance was accompanied by an unwilling, non-ambitious mind, at least, in the case of classwork. You see, in most of the classes Adolf had [in later years of school {at Realschule}], he had either less-than-average grades (generally in history and geography) or had failed others (mathematics and French) with very little progress towards his father's hopes of him to succeed in universities and, afterwards, "a patriotic Austrian...for a career in the Empire civil service". Alois [father] would be better off 'dumping' those hopes, for at (most of) the time that Adolf had been such a youth, he had much, much higher hopes for in his powerful ambition of being a great artist.

Although he had impressive talents in his artwork and was so ambitous (and determined) in it, to tell his father, though, was another thing.

Alois could hardly be thought to be an understanding/compassionate father who took intrest in his childrens' dreams or just simply compassionate to his children. This may have definetely affected Adolf. Anytime his [Alois's] children would bring a poor report card or do something to offend [or just simply ultimately anger] him, it would cause him to whip any of his sons. After reading one of Karl May's novels [where it was said "that a hero could prove his courage by showing no pain"], Adolf had "resolved never to cry when" his father whipped him. Eventually, Alois had never beat him again. Such bravery/courage to his father at a young age [approximately in elementary school at that time] makes it seem that...