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Adoption: Open are Closed What is adoption? Adoption is a legal process by which people take kids into their homes as part of their family ("Adoption"179). Although, adoptees should have the right as American citizens to know where and who they came from. Many adoptees are still trying to find out more about themselves (Krementz 123). A reporter from New York named David McBride states "That there is a need for kids today to be placed in households where they will florish and gain a healthy identity"(86). It is hard to gain ones identity because of open and closed records. Open records are when parents make no arrangements to hide their identities (Cohen 281). Gale Group Resource Center said "Some open adoptions may include less contact, or periodic letters sent to intermediary agency, or continued contact with some family members but not others"(31).

What if records are sealed? Well, that means that the name of your legal birthmother is sealed and may not be opened unless specific requirements of the state are met (Cohen 283).

Many reasons why parents think that their child would reject them if they found out who they are (Cohen 3). I think that if a child knew his parents he would not reject them but they reject them for their secrecy. When parents and activists liked the idea of sealed records they passed The Uniform Adoption Act. The Uniform Adoption Act was created to keep records sealed for 99 years ("Adoption" 2). I think by passing that act, most children that are adopted are most likely to suffer with psychological emotional problems.

Cari Carangelo, who is the creator of, said that sealed records is a form of child abuse (1). There are a lot of different opinions about adoption. Some people believe that the...