Adoption By Homosexuals

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In today's world, society prefer to fallow the empirical methods, than the investigation of the nature, causes or principles of reality, knowledge or values, based on logical reasoning, which is Philosophy. The definition of this word is the love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline that presented in university curriculums comprising logic, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics and epistemology. Philosophy is mandatory in the French high schools, on hope that teenager will learn more about life, and rights. And since it is the critical analysis of fundamental assumptions or beliefs, adoption by homosexuals is philosophy. Since it goes by a system of values by which ones lives, so it should not be allowed.

The French Philosopher Francois Marie Arouet (1694-1778), also known as Voltaire was a defender of tolerance. One of his famous world were "I will always fight your ideas, by I will struggle to death to defend your right in professing this ideas."

What he means is that homosexuals have the rights to assume their preferences, and they should be respected in the name of tolerance. But it also means that they have obligations and duties. They can only claim for their rights if they fulfill their duties and assume all the consequences, and one of then is to assume the impossibility to procreate by natural means. Although a lot of people believe, human being are born gay, it is not true.

It is not really known if a person is born gay or not, but it is known that there is a choice between being heterosexual or homosexual. A United Methodist minister wrote his little story. He says, "I CHOOSE to be gay!" He was a homophobic, who did not like himself. He choose to be heterosexual, he got married, and had kids. After...