Adoption over Abortion

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Outline Persuade others to choose Adoption over Abortion • It's more humane: 1. Suction abortion- they stick a vacuum inside the womans vagina and suck out random pieces of the baby. The baby is torn apart by the force of the suction in the vacuum.

2. Partial birth abortion- they pull the baby out till the head is the only thing remaining inside the mother, then they insert scissors in the neck, cut it open and suck the brain out. *The baby jerks and then drops.

3. Saline abortion- A needle is inserted through the abdomen to remove amniotic fluid. A strong salt solution is then injected, which poisons the fetus and badly burns the lungs and skin. The child is usually delivered within 24 hours. *This method is not used any more, since it can cause serious, even fatal risks to the mother.

• It's less costly: 1. When considering adoption there is no cost.

The adopting parents will pay for all medical and living expenses like: rent, utilities, maternity clothing, food, prenatal vitamins, and anything else not paid for by your insurance company.

2. Ranges from $500-$2,000 dollars for an abortion. May also be extra costs for ultrasound, morning after pill, birth control, and treatment if infections occur.

• Less fatal side effects: 1. Post abortion syndrome- like post pardom depression. Eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal urges, anxiety and panic attacks are just some of the symptoms of post-abortion depression abortion substantially increases the risk of breast cancer (a leading cause of female death) by overexposing the woman to the female hormone called estrogen. When a woman becomes pregnant the estrogen levels in her body rise 2000% in the first trimester and are only turned off by hormones produced in the third trimester. Women typically have...