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After years of trying to conceive and not being able to my spouse and I finally decided that adoption was our best solution. The thought of being able to help a child and love them when they had no family to love them was the right thing in our hearts. After a long and tedious adoption process we finally received our baby boy. His name is Aidan Brodie and he was eight months old. Everything was fine he was just like any other child at this age. Years had passed and everything seemed to be normal. He loved to play with his father and learn what tool is used for what. He would help his father work on cars by handing him the tools he needed. He also loved it when we would read to him. Sure he had days when all he wanted to do was run around but we figured it was just his way of being a kid, boys will be boys if you will.

Everything was fine until we enrolled him in school; he was being seen as a problem child. According to his teacher he seemed incredibly restless, he would run around excessively, he was easily distracted, it was hard to get his to do his work and many times it was also difficult to get him to finish his work. It was odd to hear such things about our child, we tried to talk to him about it and see if it was the school or the teacher or anything else and all he could say was "I don't know". We made an appointment to see the school's guidance counselor, when we arrived we sat down and the counselor told us that Aidan did not really have many friends. At first she thought that...