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AbstractThe purpose of this research is to identify potential alternative dispute resolution strategies that could be used by Coastal County Clerk of Court. You will do this by looking at how companies in other industries have dealt with similar issues.

Department of the Navy and Perfect TechnologiesIn 1999, the United States Department of the Navy developed an Alternate Dispute Resolution Program. The program was designed to increase informal resolution of workplace grievances and to enhance team building and communication between managers and employees. In 2007, the Navy achieved a 77 percent resolution rate for over 500 workplace cases that entered the ADR process. In an All Hands Message to the Naval Sea Systems Command, Vice Admiral Paul Sullivan wrote that ADR is "extremely important to us because workplace conflicts can sometimes be complex, and can drain focus and energy from the work we need to do. I look upon resolution, especially resolution that involves both parties developing a newfound respect for each other, as a force multiplier."

(Department of the Navy, 2009)The Pentagon mirrors Vice Admiral Sullivan's sentiment. In December 2005, the Secretary of the Navy issued SECNAV Instruction 5800.13A which established a comprehensive Department of the Navy policy for the use of Alternate Dispute resolution, noting that ADR techniques can efficiently resolve issues in controversy and enable the Department to more effectively devote its resources and personnel to its overall mission. The Navy's ADR program has had many successes in Workplace (EEO, LR, ER), property acquisition and environmental issues associate with base closures. (Department of the Navy, 2009)Perfect Technologies is a large manufacturer and distributor of communications systems that successfully used ADR to resolve an American with Disabilities Act dispute, retain the employee and save money. Mike Johnson is a senior account executive and, at the time of the...