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ADS "Advertising's fifteen basic appeals,"� by Jib Fowles talks about how advertisers use all sorts of subjects to grab ones attention. Advertisiers communicate to the reader by using selected images, which is designed to stimulate the reader. Many ads say,"if you have this need then this product will help satisfy it."� Most advertisements have two orders of content; the first one is to have ones mind deep-driven toward the product. The second is all the good things about the product. Advertisiers also try to appeal to all emotional appeal one may have, such as the need of attention or the need to feel safe. There have been 15 appeals found that advertisiers uses to get ones attention. The following are the fifteen appeals that are found that advertisements use. The first appeal is to those who have a need for sex. In these advertisements there are sexy women and men.

The need for affiliation is to appeal to those who need to associate with others. These ads often have a male and women by each other and the male is always has his head higher then the female. The need for nurture is shown in ads as the mother or father comforting their children. The need for guidance is shown in ads by selling products that have been around for years. The need to aggress is shown by advertisers trying to sell a product that some people disagree with. The need to achieve is shown in ads by having sports heroes in the ads. The need to dominate is shown in ads by using a product, such, as beer will make a man be the king. The need for prominence is shown by products that will make one think that if they get that product they will...