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By: Jaelani Phay

A volcano is a large mountain with molten rock inside from Earth's core. Volcanoes can be very dangerous and destructive. Volcanoes can help form land, destroy land, and cause great destruction.

Volcanoes can help form land. Take Hawaii for an example. There are many volcanoes on all the Hawaiian Islands. Fourteen volcanoes if you count them. When a volcano erupts in Hawaii the volcano can make new land for Hawaii by cooling the molten rock. Scientists believe that a long time from now Hawaii will be bigger than it is now.

Volcanoes can destroy land by burning homes, trees, and other things. When a volcano erupts magma burns and destroys towns and cities. After the eruption houses and other structures maybe burning and we can't get any water because the fire hydrant maybe burned. Lots of damage and destruction can be caused by these volcanoes.

Homes, towers, and stores all burned from the volcano. People cannot get any food or water.

Volcanoes can cause great destruction. They burn and set fire to all buildings. Lots of damage means lots of money for the repair. Indonesia had an volcano eruption. Mount Sinabung had erupted and killed 16 people. The people who survived had to wear mask so that way they wouldn't have to smell the smoke in the air.

In conclusion volcanoes can be good or bad. In Hawaii it can be both. Many volcanoes can erupt anytime and anywhere.