Adult Study Skills

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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, knowing how, when and where to

study may prove to be the difference between a calm collected student and a

stressed out frazzled student. A student will find that there are many different places to study, if that student can block out the distractions.

The most traditional place to study is the one we learn first as children, your desk. The desk can prove to be a place for total organization. To fully utilize a desk as a place to study, you will first have to make sure it is cleaned off. You will want to clear off the unnecessary items that do not pertain to your studies. These items can later act as a distraction, thus hindering your study process. As we grow, a desk may not always be available. One may not have the time to sit and study at a desk. Therefore, it is imperative to seek out other places to study. Unfortunately, these places will provide distractions that are beyond our control as students.

As an adult, we have other responsibilities that take precedence over our studies. We must work, plain and simple. However, while at work, we all are granted lunch breaks. During a lunch break, one may be able to take a few precious moments and study. You can go to your car, where you are protected from many of the outside noises and weather. A person, if time allows, may go to a local park. A park is a very quiet, relaxing area. Unfortunately, there are other people in a park that may seem more interesting than what you are studying. If caution is not used, one may find them self not studying for school, but studying other people.

An unorthodox study area...