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This course really helped me a lot with most of my education. The most important thing that I learned is time management. I learned how to manage my time better than before, and I also learned the second most important thing for me is organization. Before when I take a course, I take it just for a credit, but this course really taught me a lot. What I am learning during this course is what I am implementing in my daily studies and life style.

What did I Learn? :

Skills and strategies for my studies



Reading skills

Note- taking

Managing/organizing my exams/projects and assignments

Learning styles

Think before act or write

I also know now how to right a detailed essay better than before and how to organized it and site it! ( see color Green Essay 1)

What am I good at:

I am good at designing






Web design

What am I poor at:


Problem solving

What am I going to do about it?:

I am going to take the courses I need for learning more about programs before entering college and applying for a graphic design.

For problem solving, I want to try to solve this problem by myself, and if I did not succeed I would ask an adult or teacher for help.

I learned that I am a Kinesthetic and tactile and visual learner because (see color Pink, learning styles) :

I write words down to find if it feels right

I gesture and use expressive movement

I get distracted from activities around me

I ignore the directions and figure it out as I go along

I keep trying to do it, until I get it.

I try to imagine the word

I get really distracted by...