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ADVANCED PLACEMENT LITERATURE AND WRITING COURSE SYLLABUS LINDA BOEDY 2000-2001 COURSE DESCRIPTION Advanced Placement Literature and Writing is a one-year senior course designed to prepare students for the rigorous freshman year at college and for the AP exam in May, which offers high school seniors the opportunity to earn college credit. It is a class devoted to the study of sophisticated works of literature and to the writing of interpretative and analytical essays about that literature.

COURSE OUTLINE I. Critical Reading A. How to read closely B. How to analyze fiction C. How to discuss well in a group D. Listening skills E. Literary Criticism - its forms F. Several short stories G. The Metamorphosis by Kafka II. Drama A. Greek theater and our drama roots - Oedipus, the King B. Renaissance theater and Shakespeare - Hamlet C. Modern theater - A Doll's House and Death of a Salesman III.

Poetry A. Diction B. Tone C. SAT analysis D. Figurative Language E. Form F. Sounds IV. The Novel A. 1984 B. The Great Gatsby C. Heart of Darkness D. Sula V. Texts A. The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature B. Vocabulary Workshop - Level H (Sadlier-Oxford) COURSE REQUIREMENTS I. Class Participation A. Attendance in class is important; however, if a student must miss a class and is excused from that class, the assigned work may be made up within 48 hours.

B. Because much class time is spent in discussion of the works we are studying, students cannot afford to miss class; students who are absent on the day of a discussion are expected to get the notes from the teacher or another student.

C. Students are expected to take notes whenever a lecture is given or whenever a discussion occurs; seniors need the practice taking notes since they will...