Advanced nursing practices

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Efficient nursing is always behind the success of hospitals. Similarly, the overburdened nursing team can affect the overall performance of healthcare units. In this paper, the complexity compression is connected to the experience that nurses practice when expected to presume additional, unexpected responsibilities while at the same time conducting their numerous responsibilities in a tight schedule. For the paper we will discuss a hospital based outpatient pain management center located in a large metropolitan area that receives on the average 100 prescription refill requests per day.

Advanced Nursing Practices act diversity roles and these variety roles are based on different factors which are included social, political and economic in society. Through the course contents, nurses have to learn environmental consideration, ethical considerations, national and state health policy and services, and collaboration. (Wiseman 2007) Nurses are not only conduct comprehensive health assessment but also have the responsibility to meet client needs through both nationally and internationally view.

Economic consideration is important as well because оf the present healthcare management environment. The change оf demographics and lifestyle are the challenge for the professional healthcares. The need for drugs cost, the lengths оf hospital stay, home care services and continue care have been rising. Therefore, ANPs should know health promotion and health protection interventions which are included home visits, daily telephone call, physician backup are important to reduce health risks, then, use the two strategies can reduce healthcare cost much lower and re-hospitalization. Moreover, nurses should know the medication management. If nurses have an advanced pharmacology education and be able to prescribe, then they can provide high quality services and control costs.

Overall, these learning contents are trying to train nurses to have collaborating skill. This can help them to organize what the patient needs exactly. For instance, to coordinate discharge planning with...