Advanced VCE Business Unit 3 Marketing

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Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this essay is to produce a portfolio based on my investigation into a marketing strategy for a new product. The strategy will need to include evidence and information about:

1.How the strategy is based on the principles of marketing

2.How I have used sources of primary and secondary marketing information

3.How I have analyzed the impact of the external environment on my marketing decisions

4.How I have analyzed the marketing context and decided on an appropriate strategy

5.How I have developed a coherent mix of strategies to meet consumer needs.

Introduction to the future

Business name E-Card Enterprises Inc

The product I have chosen to market is a business card. Unlike standard paper business cards I propose to update and bring this product into the 2004 with a bang. What I propose is to completely futurise business cards, what I mean by this to revolutionize the whole industry by added the aspect of an Electronic business card (E-Card) for short.

There are products similar to this available at present but none offering certain functions which I plan to cater for.

Far from being a simple business card, the E - card is an excellent marketing tool that can be tailored to fit the market being reached. At present, the current situation offers E-Card Enterprises Inc. An excellent opportunity to capture a significant market share. CD-ROM Business cards being offered in the marketplace at present are offered as blank CD-ROMs or as part of an integregrated marketing package. Products are standard throughout the marketplace, as CD-ROMs run on standard personal computers. Distribution channels employed by established manufacturers are direct. There is no need to go through wholesalers sand retailers as it cuts into profit margins. Locally there is only one...