Advances Of Computer Mice- This report tells you who first made the computer mouse and how technology has advanced at made these mice better

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Advances of Computer Mice

The Definition of Technology is the scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective. The uses of this technology are to make your hand more comfortable and the mouse to work better.

Every year technology gets better; the designs get cooler and more! In 1968 Douglas Engelbart made the first mouse. It was made of wood and was twice the size of a hockey puck. This paved the way to graphical user interface and a way to transform the way we people use computers. Throughout the years of computer software and hard ware have changed drastically yet today the mouse is not much different from when it was first made. Only now is the mouse catching up. The first one with a new design is the intellimouse explorer; it has added buttons and a sleek new design to its mice. The next one which is also the intellimouse but this time they improved the mouse ball, they make it as though it is archaic as a printer, also to some of them they put a optical sensor which captures images of the work surface at a rate of 1500 image per second.

The optical sensor doesn't need a mouse pad to operate on. It could go on anything, on your desk, your knee, and face, on anything. These designs also have smaller case, which are designed to fit into the palm of your hand. They are no longer the size of a hockey puck. They are now a wonderful size that can fit into your back pocket if you wanted it to. Though I don't see why you would want too. This new design was to make your hand comfortable while using the computer. If your hand is not comfortable...