The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Managem

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Global Management Today, after decades of expanding opportunity to all citizens, institutions are applying the lessons learned, to the task of meeting the new and growing needs of business, as well as of the larger society. The term diversity is embracing an international as well as multicultural perspective. The positive benefits that can be recognized from this diversity are significant to today?s executives, corporations, and higher education. Commercial success in the future will depend, even more than it does today, on men and women who take leadership roles in an increasingly global economy. The intensity of today?s global economy challenges corporate executives to compete successfully with anybody, anywhere, and at any time. Which brings about the reason for this paper, which will include some advantages and disadvantages of global management. Even if someone does not want to specialize in international management, there are some important advantages to getting international experience.

With more American companies looking to overseas markets for growth, there?s a high demand for people with international expertise. Someone can also gain a surprising amount of power, because it is almost a given fact that the person with the international knowledge will get first selection on the most important and interesting jobs. There are several global skills that one must know and need. The first one is educating and influencing line managers on global human resources policies and practices. Another is when global leadership properly manages reputational capital, exhibiting focus, time, and commitment to corporate and industry reputation enhancement. The ability to focus attention on key aspects that affect reputation is a remarkable characteristic. Such leaders remain interesting, committed, and memorable people, inspiring to be around. When looking for competent global managers, there are several qualities that are important to have. Cultural empathy...