The Advantages and disadvantages of principled bargaining.

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Advantages of principled bargaining

Each of these four principles and other methods offer great advantages over many other types of negotiations.

Separate the people from the problem

People who involved in the negotiation would constantly hold their side's positions and make quick response to other side's activity. Therefore the problems between two sides always arise from their perception, emotion, and communication. (Fisher R., and Ury W., 1991)

In term of Fisher and Ury, perception is the basic problem among the parties. Most problems stem from the differing interpretations of the conflict between two sides. If two parties persist in the different understandings of their debate, the negotiation is likely to be difficult to achieve. And negotiation is a tedious and annoying process. The problems always arise from people's fear, anger or anxiety which could make the issue hard to deal with. In addition, the problem always involves the disharmony of communication between two sides.

The parties might neither talk nor listen to each other, they always emphasis on their own positions. Therefore the misunderstandings would always happy.

To dissolve these problems, the principled approach tries to eliminate the main sources of opposition power. Thus trying to put your feet into the other's shoes is overriding important for both sides to comprehend the other side's perspective and help them to catch the other part's interests and objective. Taking more focus on listening is also helpful to reveal the opponent and build up trust to achieve the negotiation.

Take the case study of green fish for instance, all of us were always busying ourselves preparing the response or action to what the opponents said, rather than paying more attention to their actual claims. Each side does not tend to keep focusing on what they are trying to communicate but blame and attack...