Advantages of Diversity in teh Classroom.

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Diversity is defined as the condition of being diverse. In other words, diversity is the condition of being different from one another. In the classroom there are all kinds of diversity from race and sex to religion and culture. Not only is this diversity seen with the students but also with the teacher as well. Teachers come from different backgrounds just as the students in their classroom do. The diversity that teachers have to offer adds to the benefits of learning int that classroom as it gives yet another way for students to learn to be more open. Diversity helps us all in many ways and teaches us more about living with different people.

We learn a lot from other people. In a classroom situation diversity helps not only the teacher learn new ways to teach but also helps the students accept differences in everyone. In classrooms where there is a lot of diversity students benefits are multiplied due to the fact that they have a larger opportunity to learn more about other cultures, religions, races, etc.

It also gives teachers the opportunity to grow as educators in that they can gain a better understanding of other cultures, religions, races, etc. and learn new things directly from those students. The teachers can learn new ways to teach and new ways to learn to accept differences. They can learn new things that can benefit them in their teaching.

There is such a wide variety of diversity here in the U.S. Because of all this diversity teachers have more of an opportunity to learn and teach hands on about the differences in the cultures, religions, races, etc of their students. Teachers can take the opportunity to allow the children in their classroom to take time out to...