An Advenrute in Time

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It was a regular day in June, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky, and the sun's heat was unbearable. Every minute felt like an hour, while I sat in the overheated classroom, waiting for school to end.

As soon as the bell had rung, I ran out of the classroom and left the school building. I was going to Manhattan to meet my friends Michael and Vitaliy, so I went to the train station and boarded the Q train.

Even though it was Friday, for some reason I did not feel as cheerful as I usually do at the beginning of a weekend. I felt as if something was wrong, yet I didn't know what, so to get rid of the unpleasant feeling, I started thinking about the new video games that my friends will let me borrow.

While I was imagining myself at playing some game on my PlayStation 2, I almost missed my stop.

When I exited the subway, I thought it would be wise to get myself a snack before I meet with my friends, because I'd have to buy them something to eat too if I were to eat in their company, and that would be a total waste of money since they probably ate dinner already. I grabbed a burger and a Coke in a McDonald's along the way, and continued my trip without any further interruptions.

When I reached the spot where I was supposed to meet my friends, there was nobody there. I waited for approximately five minutes, and finally my friends approached me.

"What's up Michael, Vitaliy", I said, "where've you been?"

"Oh, we were just getting something to eat," said Michael "didn't think that you'd be here so soon."

"I didn't know I would be here so soon myself,"...