An Adventure to the New World: Massachusetts Vs. Virginia

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The founding and establishment of Virginia and Massachusetts created two entirely different worlds responsible by the colonists who migrated from England to the New World. Nonetheless, colonists who migrated to Virginia and Massachusetts evoked unfortunate hardships from natural disasters to high mortalities beyond their control.

Love of independence, materialism and wealth were just few of the reasons why many men yearned to migrate to Virginia from England in the 17th century. These individuals envisioned Virginia as an atmosphere of swift financial gain where spices and gold were present in surplus amounts. Virginia was also known to have a stunning physical environment with incredible fertile soil to grow large quantities of profitable tobacco. Numerous passable rivers were present to achieve a navigable route for trading and fishing which attracted many settlers. Familiar with violence back in England, many men would not hesitate to use aggression or fighting methods if it meant becoming wealthy in the New World. No intention of creating an everlasting settlement in Virginia crossed the minds of these Jacobeans; they exploited the area only for personal achievements. With this positive outlook on the future success in the New World, many naive English men risked their lives to set foot on the "so called prosperous land" that they started to evoke a selfish character of competitiveness and greed which eventually lead to their unhappiness and a less prosperous society. On the other hand, the people who migrated to Massachusetts were puritans who thought of themselves as members of the Church of England. Distraught with the current religious practices present in England, the Puritans migrated to the New World to create a homeland according to their own beliefs. The puritans had already established their own religion and a set of laws that were to be taken place...