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In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the author, Mark Twain, displays a very continuous use of irony throughout the book. The reader during this adventurous novel enhances the use of irony. The reader is drawn closer to the book and get excited by the creativeness that Twain uses his irony. Although there have been many ironic events through the book, the first major event containing irony would have to be the devastating feud between the Grangerfords and the Shephardsons. This horrifying battle between the two families is very ironic because these families are killing each other for no reason what so ever. Huck say, "Did you want to kill him?" "What did he do to you?" and then Huck replies, "Him he never did nothin to me." Huck questions, "Well, then, what did ya kill him for?" And the young lad answers, "Why nothin, only its on accout of the fued."

This scene is showing that they are killing each other for unknown reasons. Buck killed a Shephardson just because and that is the only reason. He was brought up thinking to kill the Shephardson was the right thing to do. Later in the novel it is asked, "Well, who done the shooting? Was it a Grangerford or a Shephardson?" Buck replies, "Laws, how do I know? It was so long ago." The reader is sadden by this moment that is shown through irony. This feud is one of the most ironic events in the book but Twain uses irony for other occasions, too. The second circumstanc that stands out in my mind for being so ironic would be when Sophia Grangerford marries her enemy, Harney Shephardson. "Well, den Miss Sophia's run off to ded she ded. She run off in de night some time. Nobodydon't know jus' when run off to dat Harney Shephardson." Why would someone go off and marry a perso that they have been taught to hate for years? The reader can clearly understand this moment because of such creative irony protested through this event. The reader feels compassion to the young girl as he knows the families will have more conflicts. This is a devastating occasion in the novel, because the war rage on, and has been shown to the reader by irony. Another sad ironic moment is seen in the novel when Huck gets mad at Jim for saying he is trying to get his family back. Jim says if he cannot get them back then he will jus have to steal dem. Huck takes offense to this and says you best' not steal dem, they belong to someone else. Huck is supposed to be Jim's best friend and Huck gets mad because Jim is only trying to get his own family back. Huck should support his best friend's decision but he doesn't and he gets upset with Jim. Another ironic thing about his occasion is that Huck is also getting mad at Jim for stealing. Huck says, "You can't steal dem, they belong to someone else. What has Huck been doing the whole book until then? He has been stealing food, clothes, appliances, etc. How can Huck get mad at Jim when someone is just trying to get their family as one. This is another sad moment in the novel that has been shown through Mark Twain's irony. The reader once again is heart-stricken by this sad situation that Jim is stuck in. On another occasion, I think it is very ironic that Miss Watson ever owned slaves. She owned Jim and other slaves in the book. Miss Watson was a vey religious person that obeys the Bible. She could quote many chapters and verses through its entirety but she still owned slaves. This is very ironic because most people believe that the Bible does not promote slavery but Miss Watson thought the Bible did not prohibit slavery. This is hard to understand in the reader's mind feels the Bible is looked down upon. The reader questions himself about whether slavery is right or wrong or if Twain is just using irony to make the reader put a mental picture in his head and see what is happening. Irony is one of the key elements used throughout the novel to make the reader think and also to entertain him. Twain variety use of irony seen through the novel sometimes confuses the reader but brings the reader closer to the book. Without irony the book would have probably not been a book so the reader feels irony is used effectively through this wonderful and adventurous novel.