The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay

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In 1885, the novel was banished from the shelves of Concord Public library and after that incident this novel was under the public microscope, to this day. Many schools in the United States have either banned this novel or are going to reinstate it back into the curriculum. Some school systems feels that young adults are "not mature enough" to handle a book is about the history of our country, yet we are old enough to handle some other things, like sexual education and drug education to name a few.

Teaching and reading a book that is so controversial that it attracts more students, making the book more interesting to them. They say that this book has a lot of Racism in it, but this book was written about two decades after slaves were freed by the Emancipation Proclamation, so this novel was written at the time that slaves were free but were treated unfairly.

This novel hit un-solid ground when Mark Twain wrote it. At the time, the Jim Crow laws were put into action. These laws limited blacks to do practically anything in the south. So not a lot of Southerners liked this book, to them it was an outrage.

So this book wasn't written at the time when slavery was the issue so why can't school let students read it? Isn't it our rights as Americans to read book that help us grow as a country? It has nothing that will harm students, it will actually help them to grow as a person and see that hate is wrong just like Huck did.

In conclusion, I believe that banning books in general is very ignorant and stupid. The master piece Mark Twain wrote so long ago should be allowed so reach young adults and not hidden away because it speaks that truth that needs to be heard.