"The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk" by Thornton W. Burgess.

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The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk written by Thornton W. Burgess is a tail about one poor old innocent skunk who just wanted to take a nap. But a certain rabbit, we wont name any names. Wanted to have a little fun but soon learned his lesson.

Overall I believe that this is an excellent book for children just beginning to read. The book is laid out into twenty-three chapters so it helps the children get used to chapters and how the mood of the story can change so quickly at the start of a new chapter.

There are eighty-seven pages to this book. So it is a pretty lengthy read for a beginninger. Some children might be a little intimidated by the amount of pages but once they start this novel I can bet that they will find it hard to put it down.

One of the problems that I always had when I was younger was picturing what was happening.

I could never see what was going on so my mind would start to wonder and get off track. But to help children read and understand the text, this book is written using easy-to-read type, which is large text that is enhanced using illustrations that accompany the important events.

The overall moral of this novel is that honest is the best policy, so what if you happen to do something like push a skunk that is sleeping in a barrel, down a hill for a good laugh but then have to sit an watch your best friend get spray because of your devilish prank.

Jimmy the Skunk is old and helpless. He is a wise old skunk and at the end of this story he really teaches Peter Rabbit a lesson. Peter Rabbit is a long-eared prankster that loves...