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The obvious reason for designer perfumes is to impress and to lure the opposite sex and each advertisement chosen blatantly uses sex to advertise their respective products. The French Connection advertisement shows a man in bed with a very happy woman. The advertisement also has very obvious sexual implications. In the Azzaro advertisement, there is a man shown at a woman's doorstep. The reader is supposed to assume that the man is over at the woman's place for a hot date. There is not any metaphor in the advertisements but there is metonymy in both. Each cologne advertisement is basically saying that if you use our cologne you will attract women. The companies are implying that the quality of the cologne ties together with the quality of your sex life.

Since the French Connectionadvertisement is marketing a fragrance for "him" and "her" they decided to use a man and woman in their commercial.

The advertisement shows a man and woman in bed cuddling and smiling like they're having a great time. They decided to make the picture black and white which fits very nicely with the nature of the commercial. With the two people being half naked and bear, the black and white color compliments the "natural" look of the advertisement. The text for the advertisement is very clever. They use a play on words using the phrase "sent to bed" but replacing the word "sent" with "scent" because the product being marketed is a fragrance. Using a play on words in their advertisement works very well because it goes with the how the company already uses a play on letters for their logo "fcuk" to catch people's attention.

The advertisement may not be visually striking but...