Advertisement in Clothing and Messages in Hip Hop Clothing

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Clothing with MessagesWhat do advertisers try to do for their audience? They try to sell them an item or service. It is thought of as a foundation of the mass media. It is the blood that keeps the world going. The 130 billion dollar industry is a powerful force in the United States. Some of the statistical facts stated that the average American is exposed to about 1,500 ads a day. One would think that ads only sell physical items. However, they sell much more. They sell emotional appeal to the audience. Some of the categories are: sex, affiliation, nurture, guidance, aggression, achievement, etc. One might think the ads might seem to be nothing, but their cumulative effect is much more serious. This is demonstrated by Jennifer Aniston in the TV show “Friends”. During the first few season the development of the “Rachel” character made women want to get that haircut.

When the media try to advertise clothes they use a barrage of variety to get the audience attention.

There is many hip hop or urban clothing companies on the rise right now. One of them is Enyce. This label was established in 1996 in New York City by Evan Davis, Lando Felix and Tony Shellman. This particular ad shows many appeals. The first one shows aggression because of the way the model is standing. Urban cities force its inhabitants to learn how to survive and live on their own. “Existing as harbored energy, aggressive drives present a larger, tempting target for advertisers.” (Fowles 119) The color schemes show how dark the urban areas are. This is a reason why urban clothing are mostly brown, green, grey, and black. There is another appeal that comes to mind. It is the affiliation appeal; the model is showing how he is staying...