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Drugs are very special goods. Used them in the correct way that can preserve and prolong life or improve health.

The pharmaceutical industry is different from other industries marketing efforts because of the consumer-agent health care demand relationship. The marketing advertisement has taken by medical journals and magazines and visit by sales representative to physician offices and hospitals. Physicians always report their first source of information about new drugs from pharmaceutical company representatives. However, we should concern about whether the drug commercialization has been the best interest of patients. By studying, over 90% drugs advertisement has found misleading and incomplete. Recent years, the drug advertisement has aimed directly to the patient. These advertisements, such as in the press and on television, urge patients often tell their physicians that they would like to try the particular product. Will consumers be responsive to such advertising? Is it inappropriate for physicians?The pharmaceuticals industry spends at least $5 billion annually on advertising and marketing-more than $8000 for every physician in the United States.

In fact, the drug industry spends approximately $1 billion more on marketing and advertising than on research.(Pharmaceutical economics and policy, 1997)In recent decades there has been a development of what has been called “consumerism”, it is a greater concern of people who spend their money for goods and services to be sure. It is a responsible to the providers to pay more attention to the consumer’s demands. In the medical profession, this consumerism has lead to change in ethical and, the physicians will pay more concern for patient. Recently, in the pharmaceutical industry, the advertising standards, consumerism has lead to what called “ direct to consumer(DTC) advertising of prescription drugs. This advertising involves magazine and television advertisement suggesting various prescription drugs for medical treatment and also suggesting that the viewer as...