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We see them every day, on T.V, on the radio, and even on the street, they are called advertisements. Every day we are bombarded with images from the media. What exactly are advertisements? Webster states that an advertisement is the notice, such as a poster or a paid announcement in the print, broadcast, or electronic media, designed to attract public attention or patronage. The last statement is what advertisements are all about: "designed to attract public attention or patronage." Advertisements are how companies try to hook us into buying a certain product from them. Also, it convinces us to think that certain things are in style. For example if you saw a commercial for the gap and it showed them all with paper bags over their heads. I am almost positive that close to one hundred people would go to school and/or work with a paper bag over their head.

Or if they see a food advertisement that looks appeasing to them will make them get hungry or start to have carving for that certain food. People think that if they buy a certain thing it will make them trendy or happy. Even though we don't notice that advertisements change our way of thinking or so that's what the advertisements tell them. Some people even say that advertisements are a form of mind control. Advertisements are just a tool that the companies use to "mind control" the public. The many advertisements are just a way of showing what a company wants the consumers to buy. But don't get me wrong with out advertisements we wouldn't know what is out to buy or what is going to come out. So advertisements are good and bad, its all on how you look at it.