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Essay by ittybittyjack December 2004

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I have a personal passion for milk and milk products, especially pure milk and skimmed milk, and so I chose for my essay three milk ads.

One is from a U.S. health magazine advertised by the 1995 National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board of the U.S. for the promotion of '1% and skim milk'. The other two are both TV commercials; one called 'Bedtime' was made in Melbourne for the Conference of Australian Milk Authorities to promote the general public popularity of milk and milk products while the other 'Bounce' was produced in London for the British firm Nutricia Ltd.'s Cow & Gate milk for babies.

For the sake of convenience I will refer to the three ads in my following descriptions and analysis as 'Skim', 'Bedtime' and 'Bounce'.

General Description

Skim uses a well-known and extremely cool-looking guy, country and pop music singer Billy Ray Cyrus, for the promotion.

Billy Ray wears long hair and is dressed in a cowboy's costume with a top hat and both hands in pockets. One distinct and rather peculiar feature of him is the mist of milk on his upper lips that at first glance might look like moustache. He maintains his cool look and stares right at us and seems to be saying the texts right at the bottom of the page, 'If you won't listen to my advice on achy-breaky hearts, maybe you'll listen to what the American Heart Association has to say. They've also been singing the praises of 1% and fat free milk as a way to reduce fat in your diet. And with all the same nutrients as whole milk, I believe they're headed for the top of the charts.' Below the texts we see in large white letters the word 'MILK' and the tagline 'what a...