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Advertisements today Advertisements are inevitable, they are found in everyday life, they are all around us, on buses, billboards, in magazines, as well as on television. Advertisements serve one propose, and that is to get people to know about a product. For example, the ad for a Timex Watch gives us a perfect portrayal of the types of methods used in getting a persons attention. This particular ad displays a humans need for simplicity, the need to be the best and thrive, and last but not least, the need for ruggedness. Advertisements are more often than not a clever way of making a person think that they need a product, if people were to only pay closer attention to what the ad is really saying they would see that what the product really is, is nothing more than a product.

The Timex ad begins with the following opening statement in bold letters, "The Timex Turn "˜N' Pull alarm watch.

You've just read the instruction Manual." This statement is implying that the watch is not complicated and simple to use, nourishing the need for simplicity. The ad follows with smaller font "use it for short-term reminders like parking meters, or set it up to 12 hours ahead to wake up. Just turn the ring and pull the crown: once for over an hour and twice for under an hour"¦ If you forget the instructions, just remember the name!" The preceding statement totally contradicts the "Instruction manual" and it makes the watch just that much more complicated. The marketing group that made the ad knew what they were doing, they placed the Turn "˜N' Pull title in bold letters and then placed a huge picture of the watch again implying that as to imply this is all you have to...