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A saying goes like this: Doing business without advertising and smiling sweetly to a beautiful woman in the dark is the same thing. Only you know what you are doing but nobody else does. That saying should be enough to make the point that advertising is necessary for almost any business (except illegal ones, of course). One of the primary objectives of any business firm is to sell the goods or services it produces. Advertising is the tool that is used by the business to persuade the potential customers to buy the product. Indeed, advertising is ubiquitous. Advertisers try to find us, the customers in all of the places, and splash their ads for us to see whether we are watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a magazine, or just strolling on the footpath. In fact, some of us may think that advertising often reaches the point of being a public nuisance.

But if we think, deeper, we will find that advertising is doing a lot of good for the society. Many of the cultural programs, concert and other occasions are wholly our partially financed by advertising money in the form of sponsorships. Newspapers, television, radio and other mass communication media also thrive on revenues from advertising. Apart from financing, advertising helps the consumer to choose from a variety of products and decide the one that is best for him/her. Furthermore, advertising creates employment opportunities for many people. Now, let us come to the inside machinery of advertising and how it helps to make products sell. Advertising persuades customers by making various appeals to him/her. Basic appeals include the prospects of more money and better jobs, security against the hazards of old age and illness, popularity and personal prestige, praise from others, more comfort, increased enjoyment, social...