advertising analysis: my butt is big

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Advertising Analysis: NIKES "My Butt Is Big"

Hamza Kadri


Kings University College

Sociology 3372F-570

Prof. M. Cambre


Nike: Just Do It

The success of Nike's advertising techniques, tactics and campaigns are one of the major if not foremost contributing factor to their successfulness as a brand. Nike's first television commercial was aired in 1982, a very successful television ad which rather persuaded their target audience through emotion rather than the product itself (Goldman & Papson, 1998). Nike is well known for their endorsements of famous charismatic athletes and celebrities integrated into their advertising schemes. Athletes such as legend NBA superstar Michael Jordan, golf guru Tiger Woods, tennis all-star Rafael Nadal, soccer sensation Christian Ronaldo and many more best-of-the-best athletes the world has to offer. One of the most recognized brand logos in the world, the swoosh, conceptualized the symbol of athleticism, greatness, determination, perseverance and success (Goldman & Papson, 1998).