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There is a distinct connection between art and advertising. There are three major visual arts, sculpture, painting, and architecture. Of these three arts, very effective advertising is made possible by sculpture and painting. A formal definition of art is "For a work of art is the definition in comprehensible form of essential truth as the artist becomes aware of it in experience." A relationship arises between a work of art and the observer that is complex, intangible, and undemonstrable and varies greatly with each observer. The beauty that results from obtaining a complete understanding of a work of art is derived from the sense of enrichment, of greater breadth and depth in the life of the observer when he realizes this beauty as a lasting and vital contribution to his life. The artist must bring out two factors in any work of art, namely objective facts of the subject which the artists attempts to bring out in his analysis and the synthesis of the results of that analysis.

A photograph is distinct from art. It is a record, essentially a mirror image, of the facts of appearance and contains little if any of the timeless and characteristic quality necessary of a work of art, if those facts are to become significant.

There are three arbitrary, but distinct groups of artists working today: fine artists, commercial artists, and illustrators. The difference between artists is determined by the intended audience. The fine artist produces a single piece of art, which is displayed in showings, galleries, and museums, and expects his audience to come to him. The commercial artist goes after an

audience numbering in the millions, by producing inexpensive printed reproductions. Another difference is that fine art virtually never incorporates a written message whereas commercial art virtually always includes...