Advertising Basketball Trainers

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The purpose of the advertising is to persuade people to purchase the product or service. My advertisement for Basketball shoes is pitched for high income earners who like to play basketball or those at the peak of their playing performance and just want to simply improve their playing performance. It would be placed in a colored magazine such as the XXL National Basketball League Magazine, or other sports Magazines, because this paper has very high readership among the basketball fans.

This advertisement makes effective use of the AIDA theory of advertising, readers attention is captured immediately by the use of light blue in the Body Copy with black background. For the background, the advertisement incorporates a black colour for the main colour to show of the blueness of the Body-Copy. Those colours are the colours from the shoes (which in this case is the product). The picture of the ad is not complex, only a picture of a basketball player wearing the shoes (product).

And every basketball fan would know the character in the advertisement. The NBA All Star Player, who is also the leading scorer in the NBA Tracy MaGrady, he is one of the most popular basketball players now. The advertisement was specifically placed in the basketball magazine as it is aimed at that targeted audience and the advertisement also stands out from the crowd with its futuristic style and feeling to the shoe and the basketball star. So now we know why the producer has put this particular advertisement into this specific magazine, for it to be read by the targeted audience. All that's left is to find out if the specific consumers meet the producers plan. This follows the A.D.I.A. principle.

The ad maintains a lot of interests to attract the reader. The ad associated with...