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Camel Cigarettes

Camel cigarettes have been around longer than I can even remember. In an old ad I found it shows a picture of a man with a microphone and a cigarette. To the side of him it has a quote stating "I have smoked camels for years and they've never stopped giving me pleasure. They're mild and rich tasting--pack after pack!" On this ad it also has a few testimonials from people who smoke camels also, and a free thirty-day trial to try camel cigarettes for yourself.

Mainly on this ad there are adults around the age of thirty. It can be targeted at anyone though. When the guy describes the cigarettes and mild and rich tasting and everlasting pleasure, who wouldn't be intrigued by that response. These ads are directed more towards kids still in school because they are easily influenced. Adolescents do what they think is cool, or what they hear is cool.

If they hear that smoking cigarettes is cool they will do it.

The fact that he states camel cigarettes have never stopped giving him pleasure over the years, caught my eye. Your tolerance increases with any drug you may take. At first the feeling you get from smoking will still be there, but over time you will not get the same buzz you use to. You will be smoking camels for the nicotine not the pleasure.

There are millions of people who are addicted to cigarettes today. Advertisements for cigarettes are both persuasive and appealing. For a few years now there have been truth commercials on TV depicting the truth about cigarettes and the effects of nicotine. I really think that those commercials have been beneficial. But there are also still ads out trying to sell cigarettes and permit the use of them.