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1. About the company:

TEL.PACIFIC Pty Ltd has been providing Internet services since 1994 and has since then built up a clientele of over 30,000 in Australia. Their mission is to develop and apply efficient, effective and economical communication network and solutions for our valued customers and partners ( The major competitors are Optus and iPrimus broadband service. But viewed objectively, Tel. Pacific broadband does not look significantly different from many others companies. In fact, Tel. Pacific seems having insufficient promotion in regards to the broadband service. That's the main reason why these two major competitors have larger customers base and sounds more familiar in consumers' mind. The market positioning for Tel. Pacific are based on their well-established telephone service, since they are only providing broadband services to NSW and Victoria. Advertising efforts has been narrowed down to these two specific states.

2. Creative strategy:

2.1 Linked print:

The visual element is a picture with heavy boots and athletic shoes.

Which indicated that the heavy boots are for 56k modem users, who are our major target customers. And the athletic shoes are their choice for a better quality of Internet service. Unlike other broadband service companies showing the price benefits; the Tel. Pacific new ad emphasis the current situation of 56k user who are dropping behind the new technology, and overcome their worries by showing broadband service benefits. In this case, Tel. Pacific communicates the benefits to target audience with a sense of humour to differentiate from competitors (See print advertisement).

While the market of broadband service still have room for development, the new ad make use of this opportunity by alerting to the audience that why not using broadband service. It begins with a strong consumer benefit and speedily identifies copy with the needs and desires of reader. (Albert...