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Advertising is paid communication through a non-personal medium in which the sponsor is identified and the message is controlled. These major mediums include television, radio, internet, newspapers and basically anywhere people will notice an ad. Advertisements communicate a message to the consumers and are made to create an impression to generate sales and remembrance towards a certain product or service.

Advertising dates back to many years ago and those advertisements are now known to be very collectible. Majority of the advertisements from the earlier years were done in print and heard over the radio along with television. Those advertisements, much like today even had jingles and noises to capture the listeners' attention.

In a newspaper dated back to 1857-1872, the circulation exceeded 100,000 on a regular basis and it circulated to 300,000 during the civil war and when there was a political campaign. This newspaper was published on a weekly basis and the advertising costs were $1.50

for an insert page per line and $2.00 for an outside page. The subscription alone was only $4.00 a year.

The history of advertising explains that it was used to bring popularity to products and services which could later build up companies reputations in turn, have a long standing company with a great name. Many different products were advertised among print such as furniture, musical instruments and an array of imported products. Marketing the products in the early days was just the beginning to how things are marketed and advertised today.

As for marketing today, there are many different outlets that one can advertise. For instance, newspapers, television, radio and online are all avenues a company can advertise their product or service. There are many similarities, but yet there are quite a few differences between the advertisements and the companies who choose to...