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General Motors Corporation achieved $186,800,000,000 in revenue for the year 2002. The internationally acclaimed automobile giant approaches the advertising efforts of its numerous brands on every imaginable front. From television, with over 10,000 commercials per week beamed to American households to magazines, newspapers to billboards, sporting events to concerts, game shows to reality shows and musical lyrics to monster trucks, General Motors Corporation spends $2.14 billion dollars on advertising and marketing definitely has the resources and ability to bring any of its products to the consumer forefront. GM's Hummer's H2, Chevy Trucks and the new Saturn VUE sport utility vehicle are three brands that utilize interesting advertising concepts in delivering their message to the consumer.

General Motors

Hummer H2 - "General Motors Corp.'s new Hummer brand tapped upstart shop Modernista!, Boston, on Oct. 12, 2000 as agency of record for its estimated $35 million account" (Hernandez 2000). The brand is targeting the affluent and wealthy customer based upon an entry price tag of $49,000 (Hummer 2003).

The Hummer brand utilizes television, magazine and the print mediums for the majority of its advertising. Hummer has targeted programming on networks such as CNN, Travel Channel, ESPN, CNBC, BET and A & E for most of its television spots. The print advertisements can be found in The Wall Street Journal, GQ, 4-Wheel and Off-Road, just to name a few (Vanzura 2003). It is evident that Hummer has allocated the majority of its advertising dollar to television in an effort to reach more people on a broader scale. The message is to confirm to the consumer that the Hummer H2 is, "like nothing else" (Vanzura 2003). This theme is consistent throughout their TV advertising professing a rugged, adventurous, powerful and exciting vehicle that is wanted by many, but afforded by few.

Chevy Trucks...